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Joan of Arc Fine Art Print

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"Joan of Arc" 12"x24" deep matte fine art print

*Please allow 5-7 biz days for shipping. Unframed.*

This illustration captures the timeless strength and unwavering spirit of Joan of Arc. With vibrant colors and intricate details this artistic rendering brings her legendary story to life, making this piece a stunning addition to any discerning art collection.

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in Domrémy, France and was a peasant girl who played a pivotal role in the Hundred Years' War between England and France. Claiming to receive divine visions, she convinced Charles VII to allow her to lead French forces. Joan successfully lifted the siege of Orléans in 1429 which contributed to Charles VII's coronation. Unfortunately, she was captured by the Burgundians, tried for heresy, and burned at the stake in 1431 at the age of 19. After her death she was exonerated and in 1920 she was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Joan of Arc remains an enduring symbol of courage, faith, and national pride in French history.

Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France, women's empowerment, and people who are ridiculed for their beliefs. Her image helps to harness inner strength, courage, and determination during times of hardship.

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