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Original gouache painting on black paper

8.5" x 11"

*unframed & signed*


"Rebirth" is a profound exploration of the elements of life, death, and renewal into a breathtaking painting.

At the center of the composition is a portrait of a skeletal woman, her form painted in shades of ethereal bone white. She is the embodiment of mortality and the inevitable cycle of life's end. Despite the skeletal visage her expression is serene and her eyes seeming to gaze into the depths of the soul of the human experience on earth.

Cascading from the woman's head are serpents which are often seen as symbols of transformation and healing. They serve as a bridge between the starkness of death and the promise of renewal. Their vibrant scales are painted in luminescent colors.

Below are prickly pear cactus representing the unforgiving nature of life's challenges and the harshness of existence. Yet, even in this desolation they are adorned bearing vibrant fruit, bursting forth with color and life. The fruit are a testament to the idea that from adversity and death can emerge beauty and new beginnings.

"Rebirth" invites viewers to contemplate the intricate balance between mortality and renewal reminding us that even in the most desolate of circumstances there exists the potential for transformation and the rebirth of hope. The skeletal figure crowned by serpents and surrounded by cacti serves as a powerful visual metaphor for the eternal cycle of life, death, and resurrection that defines our existence.

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