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8th Annual Guadalupe Group Art Show

Saturday December 11th from 5-9PM is the opening reception of the 8th Annual Guadalupe Group Art Show at Eye on the Mountain Art Gallery and I’m so excited to present a piece along with many other talented artists up in Santa Fe, NM.

This piece that I created is called "Let It Be" and it is created with acrylic and mixed media collage on a 36" x 24" wooden panel with a 7/8" cradle. I wanted to convey "Our Lady" as a powerful yet glamorous icon as opposed to a symbol of virginity and piousness. Instead of being hoisted up by angels I added the prickly pear cactus which is symbolic of the divine feminine and its connection to all things earthly. Cactus plants are able to withstand and grow within some of the most harsh conditions of the desert. The cactus is representative of the resilience, strength, power, and perseverance of a woman against all odds.

As women, we are constantly up against a system that continues to try to define who we are and condition us to be who they think we should be yet, we rise up to each challenge and continue to face it with power and grace regardless. I wanted this piece to reflect a new energy for a new era of feminine power. Not someone who is subdued by society, media, or the negative forces that attempt to silence us or tell us what the perfect woman is supposed to be. This is an icon that is dedicated to the energy that takes up too much space, who screams loudly, proudly into the cosmos with an all knowing presence of divine power "I am woman".

If you are interested in purchasing her or pricing details please contact:

Eye On The Mountain Gallery / Santa Fe, NM / (928) 308-0319 /

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