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Shuffled Ink Blog Feature

A few months ago I was interviewed by Shuffled Ink about "4 Essential Tips For Selling Custom Cards". I was happy to speak about my experience creating the Desert Illuminations Tarot, the process, and marketing of this unique Tarot Deck and have this mini interview published on their blog. I can't stress enough what a pleasure it was working with this family owned printing company to make my tarot dreams become a reality!

Excerpt below:

“For anyone starting out as a deck creator, it is important to figure out your niche and utilize a wide variety of social media outlets to grow an organic following. The more you are personally engaged, show your unique personality, and communicate with those who admire your work, the more they will become invested in continuing to support your art and ideas. People love to watch the creative process and are inspired by an artist’s personal journey. The power of human connection through social media engagement is a huge contribution to making your dream of a successful deck a reality. Stay authentic and present and the rest will surely fall into place.” – Lindsay D Williams

You can check out the full blog post via

For more information on how to make your own tarot deck through Shuffled Ink you can follow the link here:

I hope this interview inspires some of you to start the process of creating a deck of your own! Happy illustrating and designing everyone!



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