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For over a decade, Lindsay D Williams has been immersed in the realm of Tarot as an enthusiast and reader. From a young age she has been fascinated by the deep symbolism and inspiration from the images within the cards. This enthusiasm has propelled her to create and self publish The Desert Illuminations Tarot (2020), The Desert Illuminations Oracle(2023), and the Illuminated Deck of Holy Souls (2024).

Lindsay's illustrated tarot journey has expanded to the creation of the "Desert Illuminations Tarot" in 2020 which she self published as a personal project during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. This extraordinary and unique tarot deck was a testament to her deep connection to the American Southwest, drawing on its motifs and the divine energy that courses through its landscapes.


Her illustrations, rich in symbolism, vividly capture the essence of this sacred region as not only a tool for divination but contains the important underlying message that we are all connected despite how complicated or volatile humanity and society might be historically, culturally, and presently. Through her art, writing, research, inclusivity, and symbolism she wanted to find a way of healing among our differences so we can all understand that our place in the architecture of the universe is valid no matter your origin. Since its inception the "Desert Illuminations Tarot" has transcended geographical and cultural boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide, and it is eagerly anticipated to be released through US Games Systems, a testament to the universal appeal of Lindsay's vision.

After creating the Desert Illuminations Tarot Deck, Lindsay expanded her artistic journey with her next creation of the Desert Illuminations Oracle Deck. Building on the profound exploration of the shadow and light aspects of the soul, this oracle deck continued to delve deep into the mystical and whimsical realms of the desert that Lindsay loves so much. Each card in the oracle deck was meticulously illustrated, offering fresh insights and guidance, inspired by the vibrant, enigmatic beauty of desert landscapes and the intricate balance of shadow and light within our inner selves.

Lindsay is currently channeling her creative energy into self publishing the Illuminated Deck of Holy Souls, a prayer card deck featuring 78 beautifully illustrated saints and angels. This new project aims to provide solace and inspiration during times of hardship. Each card is crafted with meticulous detail, drawing from Lindsay’s unique artistic vision to capture the divine presence and comforting guidance of these holy figures, offering a beacon of hope and spiritual support to those in need.



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