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For over a decade, Lindsay D. Williams has been a guiding light in the realm of Tarot, offering compassionate insight, spiritual connection, and a touch of the mystical to those seeking clarity and understanding on life's complex journey. Her abilities have made her a sought-after presence at retreats, pop-up events, corporate gatherings, holiday celebrations and ceremonies.

Lindsay's tarot journey has not just stopped at reading for clients but has expanded to the creation of the "Desert Illuminations Tarot & Oracle" This extraordinary Tarot and Oracle deck is a testament to her deep connection to the American Southwest, drawing on its motifs and the divine energy that courses through its landscapes. Her exquisite illustrations, rich in symbolism, vividly capture the essence of this sacred region as a tool of understanding that we are all connected despite how complicated or volatile humanity and society might be historically, culturally, and presently. Through her art, writing, research, and symbolism she seeks to find healing among our differences so we can all understand that our place in the architecture of the universe is valid no matter your origin. Since its inception the "Desert Illuminations Tarot" has transcended geographical and cultural boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide, and it is eagerly anticipated to be released through US Games Systems, a testament to the universal appeal of Lindsay's vision.

Lindsay is also a dedicated teacher, offering beginner's Tarot classes that provide a gateway into the mystical world of Tarot. Her courses are available both online and in-person, wherever possible, ensuring that seekers from all corners of the globe can access her insights and knowledge, allowing students to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

As a tarot teacher, artist, enthusiast, and guide, she hopes to empower others on their own tarot journey to help inspire and reveal the wisdom that lies within. Below are examples of tarot offerings that are available at this time.



Booking a virtual tarot reading via Zoom with Lindsay is a simple and personalized process. To schedule your session, you can click the "Book a  Virtual Reading" button under the photo below. Through this link you will find all necessary information regarding this process. 


Additionally, Lindsay offers tarot readings at events, retreats, and corporate gatherings, and is more than willing to travel anywhere in the world to provide her services. Please note that rates and availability may vary based on the specific event or location.


It's important to mention that she will never reach out to anyone personally about tarot readings, so any inquiries should be initiated by you through the provided booking channels to avoid being scammed or duplicated. 


Thank you for considering a tarot reading with Lindsay. She looks forward to connecting with you soon to help guide you with compassionate clarity on your personal journey.


Lindsay has a number of online courses available that are constantly being developed through Udemy. Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses that are created and taught by professional instructors from around the world. Lindsay is proud to be able to share her knowledge of different subjects on this incredible platform. Her Udemy courses encourage students to learn at their own pace and often on their own schedule, making it a flexible option for self-paced learning. These courses include video lectures, quizzes, and supplementary materials. Please scroll below to see what Lindsay is currently offering at this time. 




  • This course is designed to provide beginners with a comprehensive understanding of tarot reading and divination practices. You will explore the history, symbolism, and interpretation of tarot cards, as well as start to develop the skills necessary to conduct readings for yourself and clients.

  • Throughout the course, you will learn the meanings of each tarot card and how to interpret them within various spreads and contexts. You will also dive deep into the significance of the symbolism within the cards and learn the meanings of major and minor arcana cards.

  • The course will cover various tarot spreads and techniques, including the Celtic Cross spread, three-card spreads, and intuitive readings. You will gain hands-on experience by practicing readings individually and with a practice partner, allowing for feedback to enhance understanding while gaining more confidence in your reading abilities.

  • You will also explore ethical considerations in tarot reading, emphasizing the importance of providing guidance in a responsible and respectful manner while learning how to create a safe and sacred space for readings, establish boundaries, and maintain client confidentiality.


By the end of this course, you will have acquired the basic knowledge and skills required to perform beginner level tarot readings and engage in divination practices more confidently. You will also be equipped with a solid foundation to further explore and delve into the world of tarot reading for personal growth, hobby, creativity, or to build your career as a tarot reader.


Note: This course is for individuals with no prior knowledge or experience in tarot reading or divination practices. You are encouraged to bring your own tarot deck (Rider-Waite-Smith system)  a tarot journal (any kid of notebook), and an open mind to this course.



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