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The Illuminated Deck of Holy Souls Pre-Order (RELEASE NOVEMBER 2024)

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The Illuminated Deck of Holy Souls Pre-Order (to be released November of 2024)

Pre-Order the brand new illustrated deck of cards by Lindsay D Williams called "The Illuminated Deck of Holy Souls" depicting a celestial collection of holy saints and angels. Each card features exquisite artwork capturing the divine essence and virtues of these revered figures, from Joan of Arc to Saint Michael and beyond.

This deck serves as a powerful tool for bringing more light and inspiration into your life from these holy beings. Drawing a card each day can serve as a reminder of the wisdom and guidance these saints can offer along with the specifics of what they can help you focus on. Whether seeking guidance, solace, or inspiration, this can help as a tangible connection to the divine.

With each shuffle, you invite the presence of these holy beings into your space, fostering a sense of peace, clarity, and spiritual growth. The imagery and symbolism on each card helps serve as a beacon of hope and solace during times of difficulty and hardship.


  • 78 fully illustrated and colored cards front and back. Each card contains a beautifully illustrated saint or angel depicted in Lindsay's signature technicolor style inspired by vintage religious iconography.
  • Comes with a pocket guidebook with prayers and attributes for each holy soul
  • Size of the deck is 2.75" x 4.75"
  • Gold gilded edges
  • Ships out in November 2024 just before the holiday season.
  • Wholesale Pre-orders and international orders are available but please email for additional information on how to go about doing so.
  • Pre-Order comes with free Gothic Rose Window stained glass transparent sticker.

*For updates on this pre-order & process please follow instagram @desertilluminations of sign up for mailing list*

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